Using of own plasma- Dracula therapy

What is Dracula therapy?

Dracula therapy is a treatment using patient´s own blood, so called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).

Blood was used in medicine in the past. Thanks to Dracula therapy you can get anti-ageing treatment hidden in your own blood. This skin treatment is getting still more and more popular because of age slowing using the natural form. It´s uniqueness is safety without complications and it´s “BIO as it´s your own blood.

Blood plasm contains proteins and growth factors, which naturally help to the skin regeneration. Result is visible and natural. Quality of your skin improves and gets younger without surgery.

Thanks to Dracula therapy you can get:

Who is a good candidate for Dracula Therapy?

Blood plasma treatment is used for skin rejuvenation. Dracula therapy is suitable for dry, lackluster, stressed or damaged skin and it also cures various types of scars or acne. Treatment using your own blood  is also suitable if you have an alergy on dermatological products.

Soreness after Dracula Therapy

Soreness is eliminated by using local anesthesis while aplication.


Intervention is done in local anesthesia taking approximately 20 minutes while your blood is taken and separated into red blood cells, clear serum and platelets- through the process of centrifugation. Goal of this intervention is to get growth factors and proteins into the skin to slow ageing, to brighten i tas well as regenerate. This therapy is suitable for wrinkled and sun-rays damaged skin. You can leave our clinic after this intervention and swell with irritation will disapper within 2-3 days. It´s necessary to repeat this therapy at least twice in row within two weeks, usually twice a week.

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