Fat & plasma


Surgery can be done in the total anesthesia, analgosedatives or local anesthesia depending on the range and amount of fat tissue, while the excess fat is removed. Scars are on the edges of suctioned It isn´t necessary to stay in our clinic over night (except for general anesthesia) but to be accompanied while leaving and a four-week recovery period.

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Own Body Fat Transfer

Surgery can be done in local or general anesthesia while own fat cells are transplanted. It´s removed from the area of lower abdomen, hips, inner thighs and knees. After processing it´s applied into desired parts. This technique is used to boost the volume of flabby face as well as wrinkles filling and body contour.

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Using of own plasma – Dracula therapy, PRP therapy

Intervention is done in local anesthesia taking approximately 20 minutes while your blood is taken and separated into red blood cells, clear serum and platelets- through the process of centrifugation. Goal of this intervention is to get growth factors and proteins into the skin to slow ageing, to brighten i tas well as regenerate. This therapy is suitable for wrinkled and sun-rays damaged skin. You can leave our clinic after this intervention and swell with irritation will disapper within 2-3 days. It´s necessary to repeat this therapy at least twice in row within two weeks, usually twice a week.

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