Surgery of Lower Lids- Lower Blepharoplasty

What is Lower Blephroplasty?

Lower Blepharoplasty or correction of lower eyelids is a surgery intervention when a flabby and excess skin under the lower lashes is reduced.  It is a flabby skin under the lower lid which  causes shades of light, tired and sad face expression.

Thanks to the Lower Blepharoplasty you can get:

Who is a good candidate for Lower Lids Surgery?

Everybody, whose eyelids don´t have their natural strenght, is the right candidate for the Lower Eyelids Surgery. Descending of the tissue is caused either genetically or by ageing. There are no age, gender and season limitations after the surgery.

Post-opperative pain

Pain is bearable. Swellings are less pleasant than the pain. After lower eyelids skin reduction can appear some bruises which dissapear after 10 days. Cool and pressure cladding can help.


Surgery can take in the local anesthesia for approximately 1 hours while the excess skin and fat tissue from the lower lids are removed. Goal of this surgery is removing of circles under your eyes and eye bags, get rid of a tired look, lifting of the skin.  Result scars are under the lashes of the lower lid and in the wrinkle. It´s necessary to stay at our clinic for a few hours after the medical intervention and to be accompanied while leaving and a two-week recovery period.

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