Lifting of Neck – Neck Lift

What is Necklift?

Lifting of Neck is a surgical intervention which improves visible signs of ageing in the area of jaw and neck as f.e. excess fat uder the chin which creates a doublechin, stripes on the neck and excess skin. Neck is often considered to be unimportant part of face. Many clients don´t even consider  neck is one of the first places where the ageing is visible. Not only age points at the neck with a flabby or wrinled skin. Laxity of platysm, which is a flat muscle, contributes to it.  Necklift can make your neck looking younger and slimmer with a more elastic-looking skin.

Excess skin and fat from the area of neck is removed but also a lifting of the flat muscle, platysm can be done. Result is dependable on the degree of weakening skin on the neck so it´s individual.

Thanks to Necklift you can get:

Who is the right candidate for Necklift?

If you have problem with old-looking or flabby skin in the area of neck, Necklift is the right solution for you. However, it´s important to consult the problems with skin as it´s important to know all the factors if the necklift is the right one for you. It´s an intervention which is often combined with Facelift.

Post-operative pain

After Necklift as well as after facelifte are the most painful ears as the cut is lead directly around them and that tissue is under the pulling. Patients can feel pulling on their face which is caused by pulling of tissues. Pain and swell which can be also asymmetrical can take up to 3 months.


Surgery can take in the local or total anesthesia, but mostly it´s a part of Facelift, while all the flabby tissue on the neck is lifted and redundant skin or fat is removed or weakened muscles are sewed. Goal of this surgery is a lifting of neck and its wrinkles. Resulting scars are located in front of the ears or around the earlobe and behind the ear or under the chin if there is a separate intervention.

Smokers should be ready to avoid smoking for at least 2 weeks after Necklift. You will be informed abot details and limitations during the consultation.

It´s necessary to stay overnight in our clinic and to be accompanied while leaving and a four-week recovery period.

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