Lifting of Forehead-Forehead lift

What is a Forehead Lift?

Forhead Lift is convenient when you have deep wrinkles on your forehead and botox doesn´t help. Nobody can avoid face ageing and skin is losing its elasticity not only under the age influence but also under the influence of gravity and loss of collagen and elastin. Result is an older, tired and sad or frowned look. Forehead lift solves these problems reliably.

Thanks to the Forehead Lift you can get:

Who is a good candidate for the Forehead Lifting?

Unwanted forehead lines are not only the problem of elderly people but also a man in his thirties can have forehead wrinkles which makes him look older as he really is. If you have this problem, you are the right candidate for forehead lifting but it isn´t a rule. Depends on the size of this intervention which can be combined with the others. Therefore it´s necessary to consult it with the doctor to learn all important things.

Post-operative pain

Soreness during forheadlift is very much dependable on the personal pain threshold.


After Forehead Lift you can expect younger appearance without wrinkles on your forehead. Your overall face look will be younger and fresher. Surgery can take in the total anesthesia for approximately 1-2 hours while the flabby forehead tissue is lifted and excess skin is removed. The goal of this surgery is forehead lifting and eyebrow lifting. Result scar is hidden in your hair.

It´s necessary to stay overnight at our clinic, to be accompanied while leaving and a four-week recovery period.

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