Lifting of Eyebrows – Browlift

What is Browlift?

Browlift also called lifting of eyebrows is a surgical intervention, thanks to which the dropped eyebrows are lifted to the upper position as well as getting a younger look.

Thanks to the browlift you can get:

Who is a good candidate for the Browlift?

Lifting of Eyebrows is convenient for the people with dropped and low eyebrows which creates the impression of angry or tired face. This intervention can be done separately from the cut in the eyebrows or in the deep forehead wrinkles. Most of the time it´s a part of Forehead Lift or Upper Blepharoplasty. I´m available to give advice in term of reaching the genuine and beautiful results.

Post-operative pain

Soreness after the Browlifte is very individual depending on the size of intervention.You should count with the certain pain and discomfort as well as facial tension after the surgery. Eyebrow swellings can take for up to 3 months.


Surgery can take in the local anesthesia for approximately 1 hour while the flabby eyebrow tissue is lifted and excess skin is removed. This intervention is a part of Forehead Lift, Upper Eyelids Surgery or as a separated  intervention.  Goal of this surgery is Eyebrow Lifting. Result scar is hidden in your hair (in case of forehead lift) or directly in eyebrows.

It´s necessary to stay overnight at our clinic, to be accompanied while leaving and a four-week recovery period.

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