What is Facelift?

Facelift, Face-lifting, „lifting of the face“  or professionally Rhytidectonomy is a surgery based on lifting of flabby facial tissue and reduction of excess skin. Face is losing not only its elasticity but also fat and muscle tone. Plastic surgery of the face reduces wrinkles and a flabby skin caused by ageing, stressful enviroment or inappropriate lifestyle. After this surgical correction you can expect 10 years rejuvenation. It depends on age and it is always individual. The goal of facelift is an improvement of overall appearance by skin lifting which gains natural young look.

The most important part is going on in so called SMAS. It is an abbreviation for Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System. We can simply call it musculo-tissue layer which lies under the skin. SMAS is getting flabby under the age influence. Facelift is one of the possible solutions to get rid of this problem.

Thanks to the Facelift you can get:



Who is a good candidate for Facelift?

However, Facelift is an effective way how to get the face rejuvenation, it is not suitable for everyone. During your first visit I will suggest the most suitable solution for you to agree on the expected result. “Grounding squirrel ” pouches, fading face volume, off-going nasolabial folds, saggy neck.

Consultation is one of the most important parts of the whole surgery. It is crucial to understand the possibilities of Facelifting. An experienced doctor is aware of the surgery convenience and he doesn´t overestimate his possibilities. You will get all very important information not only about the process of surgery, but also about the risks and post-operative limitations. If you decide for a Facelifting, it´s also convenient to consider a possibility of Browlift and Necklift which is lifting of eyebrows and neck. They are tightly connected with the Facelift surgery and it´s possible to combine them. It´s convenient to combine the surgery and the following recovery for more reasons. There´s only „one swelling“, „one check up“, „one care“, one days off“ and the unique result. It´s possible to combine the face plastic surgery with another medical intervention, for example Browlift.

Post-opperative pain

The most painful after Facelift are ears because there´s a cut led around them and a tissue is under the pulling. Patients can feel the face pulling which is caused by a tissue tension. Pain and swelling is asymmetrical and can last up to 3 months.


Surgery can take in the local as well the general anesthesia for approximately 2 hours while the the flabby face tissue is lifted (SMAS) and excess skin is reduced. The scars are along the hair border of temples, in front of the ears, around the ear lobes and behind the ears. It´s necessary to stay at our clinic for one night after the medical intervention and to be accompanied while leaving and a four-week recovery period.

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