Lifting of Breasts – Mastopexy

What is Mastopexy?

Mastopexy or breast lifting is a surgical intervention which is done to improve the shape of breasts, changing of the downward position of areola or firming up. Descending of breasts can be caused by loosing of mammary gland volume or flabbying of skin. We can see these change mostly after the breastfeeding or significant  weight loss as well as the due to aging. Nipple and areola are reshaped to the appropriate position while breast lifting. Your breast will get firmness and a glamorous look.

Thanks to Mastopexy you can get:

Who is a good candidate for Mastopexy?

This surgical intervention is suitable for women who have problems with sagging breasts or their shape. Breast shape is changing and firming by removing of flabby skin.

Post-operative pain 

There is a very little soreness after this intervention.


Surgery can take in the total anesthesia for approximately two or three hours during which mammal glands are shaped and excess skin is removed. Goal of the surgery is to lift the sagging (ptotic) breasts and removing nipples with areola to the forward position or possibly minimizing of areola. Surgeon makes a reshape with the modest, easily hidden scars around areola (donut shape), vertical cut (lollipop shape) or along the inframammary fold if necessary (anchor shape). It´s necessary to stay overnight in our clinic, to be accompanied while leaving and a six-week recovery period.

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