Gynekomastia Surgery

What is gynekomastia surgery?

Gynekomastia is the benign swelling breast tissues in men due to hormonal disbalance. Presence unilaterally or bilaterally.Depends on mammal gland as well on the level of estrogen in body.Hormonal changes also occur in puberty and because of this is gynekomastia seen in boys during puberty it usually resolves on its own without the need of surgery. In other case the surgery is a suitable solution.

Causes of gynekomastia :

Who is a good candidate for gynekomastia?

The most interested in this surgery are the sportsmen who want to have contour pectorals and they can´t get it by exercising only. Another group are the men who want to look good wearig regular clothes or swimwear.

Surgical correction of overdeveloped or enlarged breasts in men

Surgery can take in the total anesthesia for approximately an hour or two during which is mammal gland and possibly excess fat tissue removed. Goal of the surgery is male breast reduction. Scars are around areola (in semi-circular shape). It´s necessary to stay overnight in our clinic and to be accompanied while leaving and a six-week recovery period.

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