What is Augmentation?

Augmentation is a surgical method of breasts enlargement using silicon implants. Plastic surgery of breasts, mostly Augmentation, is one of the most wanted aesthetical interventions not only abroad. Augmentation helps also our women to get a new self-confidence with the naturally looking desired breasts.


Thanks to augmentation you can get:

Who is a good candidate for Augmentation?

Every woman who is long for bigger, naturally looking breasts is the right candidate. Intervention is also convenient for women with slightly weakened breasts, those with a prominent breasts asymmetry or patients after mesketomy which means partial or complete breast removing.

No mater if you were nursing or not. Breast implants don´t influence future breastfeeding.

The most common reasons of Augmentation:

Post-operative pain and scars

As implants are being put under the pectorals, post-operative pain is stronger. It takes for about 4 days and then it disappears.

Consequent scars are dependable on the surgical attitude and the way of putting in the implants. It´s impossible to operate without the scars so they are made either in the armpits or in grooves under the breasts or around areola.


Size and shape of implants

What is the right size of implants for me?

Size of implants isn´t “important”. It´s important to consider the shape of patient´s breasts, their size, skin quality and subcutaneous layer, amount of fat layer, patients height, chest width, hips, overall shape of figure and her desired results depending on possibilities of plastic surgery. It´s not good to compare with friends a severy firnd has a different starting point. The same implant can look „lost“ at someone and at the other one can look coarsely. Right size of implants should lead to the harmonical, natural feminine figure and the patient will be satisfied with.

What are the suitable implants for me – anatomical or oval?

Choice of the right implant depends on location of nipples and shape of breasts or better depends on the distance between the nipple and underbreast groove.

We can manage by using the right implant that nipples will be in the right position, which means, above the highest point of implant. They can also be located too high or too low in another case. When the implants are put under the pectorals, they both have a tear-shape while standing.


Surgery can take in the total anesthesia for approximately an hour during which is put, partly under the pectoral and partly under the mammary gland the silicon implant. Goal of the surgery is to enlarge not enough developed (hypoplastic) or slightly flabby (ptotic) breasts. Possible access of the implant imput is from the armpit, from the underbreast groove or from the cut around areola. Surgeon makes a reshape with the modest, easily hidden scars. It´s necessary to stay overnight in our clinic and to be accompanied while leaving and a six-week recovery period.


See photos before and after the augmentation. 

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