Botulotoxine A

What is Botox?

Botox is a commercial name for neuroxine botulotoxine which is produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. It´s effect, blocking of neurological transmission, is to reduce and remove dynamic wrinkles. Not allowing muscles to move we gain their disfunction and therefore the muscle can´t stretch. Skin doesn´t stretch either. You can get naturally younger look thanks to the right aplication of botox. Professional aplication of botox  is really safe with minimal side effect risks.

What can you remove using botulotoxe?

Who is a good candidate for Botulotoxe?

Botulotoxe is applied to the dynamic wrinkles areas which are created on the base of muscle stretching. Mimic muscles are located straight under the skin and „stretch“ skin while muscle contraction which creates a dynamic wrinkle. The only solution is to get rid of the cause, which is blocking of muscle contraction. You are the right candidate for botox application if you notice mimic wrinkles on your face or neck as well as above mentioned problems.

Don´t use medicines which influence blood coaguation before the application. You can´t be pregnant or breastfeeding.

Soreness after botox application

You will feel a gentle but not unbearable burning while botox application. JeThe same as each injection. For many people is the most painful area between the eyebrows.


After botox application in our clinic you will get a younger look without wrinkles visible in a few days. Intervention isn´t demanding without any special preparation.

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