Scar correction

Scar correction is an intervention of aesthetical surgery mostly used by people who have them on visible places such as face, neck or arms. Scars are created as a consequence of skin disruption on visible places such as face, neck or arms.  They can appear after the surgery, acne or after the injury. Size and appearance of the scar depend on the size and appearance of the wound, infection the way of wound  treatment and scar treatment. Scar changes its shape and size for at least 12 months.

It´s important to realize that we can´t operate without the scars. What´s  important is their result appearance.

Thanks to the scar correction you can get:

Who is a good candidate?

The right candidates are the people with significant scars which are created after the injury or operation. Scar correction is convenient for everybody who is not satisfied with their appearance.

The biggest risk is keloid scar correction.

Patients often miss up keloid scar with hypertrofic or spread scar. Firstly it´s important to consult the scar if it is keloid, hypertrophic, pitted, asymetrical and suggest the solution dependable on it.

Soreness after scar correction

Soreness after local anesthesia reminds the cut skin.


Surgery is done in local anesthesia and its taking depends on size and technique. Goal of the plastic surgery is to improve the appearance of the scar. You can leave our clinic after the surgery and stay without physical surgery for 2 weeks.

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