liposukcia stihly pas plasticka chirurgia chudnite bezbolestne schudnúť ráchloFat distribution takes a very important role in many people. Sometimes there is too much or too little fat. The most problematic parts are mostly on belly, hips or thighs. However, many disciplined people are also struggling with „unpleasant“ fat which as they can´t get rid of doing exercise or diets. Lacking of fat can also have a negative influence, for example on the face, when the person can look ill or on the buttocks when its too flat.

AquaShape® method enables an extensive body forming.Using WAL (water-jet assisted liposuction) is fat carefully removed and replaced on the required body parts. This enables individual and focused contouring of your body.


Liposuction  is defined as removing of subcutaneous fat from places where is not needed using hollow stainlesss steel tools (liposuction cannula) using negative pressure. It can be done in general anesthesia, analgosedatives or local anesthesia.

Which technique do I use?

WAL (water-jet assisted liposuction) is one of the liposuction techniques. It works on principle of water beam which helps to separate the surrounded tissue and to suction the fat cells gently without damaging. This method is much more gentle to the nerves, vessels and other tissues.

At first we apply tumescent solution to the areas where the fat is to be removed in the volume of up to 70 % lower than by regural tumescent liposuctions. Tumescent solution contents water and medicines which have a positive influence on the liposuction itself.

Then fat is to be suck using liposuction cannula and procedure is over or the fat is consequently used for filling of other parts, so called lipofilling, lipografting, fattransfer, fatgrafting.

body jet evo liposukcny stroj prenos tuku zmensenie zadku mensie stehna liposukcia brucha

Why do I use this particular technique?

What liposuction machine do I use?

As the only one in Slovakia I use Body-Jet EVO with Lipocollector for the fat transfering.body jet evo liposukcny stroj prenos tuku zmensenie zadku mensie stehna liposukcia brucha

Why do I use it?

Fat can be removed using Liposuction from these parts:

Abdomen Liposuction

Abdomen is the most common part for Liposuction in women and men and an ideal solution if exercise or diets don´t help to get rid of fat. Successful abdomen liposuction depends on more factors, for example: amount and fat distribution, weight fluctuation, losing weight, pregnancies, gender and age of patient.

After abdominoplasty

After abdominoplasty is sometimes needed to correct the result or to sucken fat couple more years after the surgery.

After pregnancy

After pregnancy can be left a bulge in a lower abdomen as the spread abdominals and skin don´t  always get back to the former state. In some cases is liposuction enough to get a desired result and patient avoids Abdominoplasty-( abdomen wall surgery).

After Caesarean section

Caesarean section or so called “Pfannenstiel” is a cut led along the lower abdomen, which can lead to accumulation of excess fat over the scar. This can be effectively removed by liposuction.


Thigh Liposuction

We can divide it into front thighs, inner thighs, outer thighs and knee area. Knee area is searched by women who are used to wear mini skirts.

Front thighs

The result of the surgery are smooth thighs not completely without fat. Excessive front thighs liposuction can lead to skin unevenness.

Inner thighs

Inner thighs are often combined with the area of inner knees. Many women suffer from excess fat in the area from inner thighs to the knees. Suction of these two areas separately can not look harmoniously as a result.

Outer thighs

Fat is mostly determined genetically and is mostly resistant towards diets and exercise. It can be

„a nightmare“ for someone to work hard and not to see desired result. Thicker thighs and fuller hips create an impression of maturity and non-active lifestyle as well as trabed self-confidence. On the other hand, slim thighs and hips evoke the young impression and active, healthy lifestyle.

„Banana“ buttocks

This cosmetic “disadvantage” also called as double buttocks appears after excessive placing under the buttocks groove. It´s possible to remove it using a gentle liposuction.

Buttocks Liposuction

Ancient Greeks (approx.1.-2. st. BC) had a word for a beautiful buttocks, “Callipygous”. Callipygian Venus was considered to be the an incarnation of the ideal buttocks.

Sucking of too much fat is not the best decision. To reach the most optimal result is less sometimes more.

Some people genetically have the gluteal groove, which is a line between the buttocks and the back thigh. Liposuction doesn´t help to form it.

Double chin Liposuction

Double chin is usually sucken as a part of faceliftingu when the excess fat keeps from highlighting of chin and jaw. As an individual intervention is more common in younger patients.


liposukcia stihly pas plasticka chirurgia chudnite bezbolestne schudnúť ráchloSurgery can be done in the total anesthesia, analgosedatives or local anesthesia depending on the range and amount of fat tissue, while the excess fat is removed. Scars are on the edges of suctioned It isn´t necessary to stay in our clinic over night (except for general anesthesia) but to be accompanied while leaving and a four-week recovery period.


It doesn´t work the more the better in liposuction. Sucking of too much fat can be sometimes mistake. The goal isn´t to sucken as much fat as possible but to make it look more genuine and beautiful..


Satisfaction is a match of the surgical intervention, comfort, attitude and a quality of result and is measured by patient´s happiness.

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