What is labioplasty?

Labioplasty is a plastic surgery of genital parts. It´s a surgical intervention when the excess skin and tissue of labia and is removed and corrected into desired shape. Abnormal labia state is an unpleasant but solvable issue This intervention has an advantage- it´s not time-demanding and the skin around gets to a fast recovery. Labia rejuvenation can highly improve personal and sexual life.  The reason of weakened labia tissue is wheather genetical or received, especially after childbirth.

Thanks to the labia minora correction you can get:

Who is a good candidate?

Labia minora correction is not only the cosmetic intervention even tough is mostly done for this particular reason. Enlarged labia can cause difficulties in many areas of life. They can be a limitation while doing sports as well as problems in sexual life, personal hygiene and wearing of underwear. Each woman, who struggles with this issue, is the right candidate. Age is the only limitation as this surgical intervention is only done after becoming an adult.


Surgery can be done in local anesthesia and can take approximately an hour while the excess tissue is removed. Goal of this intervention is minor labia and major labia correction. It isn´t necessary to stay in our clinic over night but to be accompanied while leaving and a six-week recovery period.

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